I finally took the time to figure out some more of After Effects this weekend (thanks Lynda). I’m really glad, because it gave me the keys I needed to finally completing the final vision of my Elon Musk low poly vector design I put together in Illustrator last month. I’m pretty happy with the final product, which you can see below. Let me know what you think in the comment section!   Tools used: Adobe Illustrator CC 2017, Adobe After Effects 2017 Here’s a link to my Instagram copy. Follow …

KFA Multimedia Art Contest

I submitted a little essay and one of my final projects from the Introduction to Oil Painting class that I took (a few months ago) for this year’s multimedia art contest held by the Kwantlen Faculty Association. I was going up against some very talented (and dedicated) artists. Surprisingly, I ended up winning an alumni award. The prize came with a little bit of money and it came right at a time when it was direly needed. So thank you for that one, Universe (and discerning judges :). Below is …

A Luna Cat

The original idea for this was for it to be a pastie. I had this vision in my mind but it ended up not looking as menacing as I first thought it would be. People who are into Sailor Moon seem to really dig it, so I just threw it together behind the dark gradient. I can probably have stickers made up if anybody expresses interest.

There is a Fentanyl Epidemic in British Columbia

What can anyone who isn’t directly affected by this tragic epidemic do? There were 922 deaths from illicit drugs. It looks like the weekends are the most heated for first responders; Saturdays being the busiest days and it seems like the numbers on those weekends has increased by about 20% yearly. This isn’t a new insight but it’s evident that these deaths are happening indoors and happening when there isn’t anybody to respond to an overdose. It is important to note that Fentanyl wasn’t the cause of each death, but …

Trump is a Joker

I just completed this one for The Peak SFU for Week 2’s print run. This entire piece is fully vector and I am pretty happy of the way it came out. I am getting pretty good with the Mesh Tool. Thanks to and my free access through the Vancouver Public Library! Tools used: Adobe Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC for mock ups/rough drafts

Tracks to Drive-by and Protest to

Artist: GMEBE Bandz (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud) The simplistic off-beat rhyme scheme Bandz is implementing is prime product. Artist: T.I. (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube) This track kind of grew on me. At first, my impression was that T.I. was trying to ride the #BlackLivesMatter movement by over-eagerly stepping up to add his patch to the rapidly growing hip-hop quilt that is the soundtrack to the social movement. Also, partly because of the way that his past releases and actions (seriously, what the fuck is this?) has coloured his persona and subsequent works, …

Oh, the Dick Pics You’ll Send (Dr. Seuss Parody)

This gem for a parody has been knocking around my mind and idea sketchbook for a couple of months now. I wanted to clean my living room yesterday… So naturally, it was prime opportunity to procrastinate and focus on digitizing these two ideas. I grew up reading Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl’s writing. The illustrations in both writers’ respective works have always been styles that I deeply admired. Let me know what you think of these little doodles in the comments below! Software used: Photoshop CC 2017, for bitmap linework …

This Week’s Music Bubble Up

1.  Artist: Alex Wiley ( Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube ) I am the descendant of Gods. So motherfucker just don’t be surprised when I take off when I take flight when I go crazy Recently, this (see below) was posted on Wiley’s social media referring to taking time off from touring to address “ongoing personal issues that need immediate attention”. We all have been through times in our lives when we needed time away from the general public eye. Just thinking about how much more intense it is for a young man with a …

Thirsty Drippin’ Thursdays

1.  Artist: The Game ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ) Nostalgia has been quite a large wave these couple of years. The Game’s entire album was obviously conceptually trying to be absolutely dripping in 90s-era nostalgia. This track just takes me back, but has a contemporary vibe that just works. 2. Artist: Wale ( Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram ) Just a good track. 3. Artist: Kendrick Lamar ( Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ) What do you think of the latest video from Kendrick? The hypnotizing hook personally appeals to my self-flagellating personality.

Today I Learned About: The Quantel Paintbox

Notes:  Some of Quantel’s machines were very expensive. selling for upwards of $100,000. Offered channel masks, which predate Adobe Photoshop’s channel masks Now, the company operates as SAM (Snell Advanced Media) and specializes in professional video broadcasting and production technologies.