Russ Lacate’s Weather Guarantee (News1130)

Edit: This project is deprecated. I gave up trying to participate in it as my schedule got busier. (November 2020)

I have cobbled together a simple tracker to use for Russ Lacate‘s Weather Guarantee contest from News1130 and figure maybe some people on the internet could make use of it as well.

Setting up an old Ubuntu laptop running 24/7, I have crontab running an mPlayer command to record during the exact times when Russ announces if he’s missed his prediction for the previous weekday.

The link will hopefully make it easier for you because you no longer need to be awake at 7:11 AM to hear from the announcement yourself. Simply bookmark this link (it seems to work better in your browser’s incognito mode) and listen to the MP3 files dated accordingly and check whenever you’d like!

If you’re interested in how I created the tracker, I used this instructables as a guide.


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