Slavo Zizek on President Donald Trump


Rough Notes:

What changed recently?

  1. The new technic media (social media)
    1. allows people to organize themselves and present their own positions
      1. There is no authority on this.
    2. Creates a paradox (“paradoxical position”)…. first, we like this because there is absolute free speech. But this also creates a vacuum for fake news (this is the paradox).
  2. Distrust of “Official public spaces” and its version of events.
    1. Rise of Populism has dragged out this sense of distrust of public media and official
    2. He says it’s a justified distrust… official accounts have been subverted by Wikileaks
    3. Referring to Chomsky’s manufacturing consent, there is a complex web of interplaying variables (implicit rules, manners, customs, etc..) that manufactures political consent.. which is breaking down.
    4. Uses an interesting anecdote: in China there is a popular wisdom that the rumors that are circulating (of whatever latest scandal, etc.) are only confirmed true once the government denies them.


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