This Week’s Music Bubble Up


Artist: Alex Wiley ( Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube )

I am the descendant of Gods.
So motherfucker just don’t be surprised when I take off
when I take flight
when I go crazy

Recently, this (see below) was posted on Wiley’s social media referring to taking time off from touring to address “ongoing personal issues that need immediate attention”. We all have been through times in our lives when we needed time away from the general public eye. Just thinking about how much more intense it is for a young man with a growing level of public awareness and “fame” (scrutiny) gives me anxiety. Just the thought has me wishing Alex and the entire team the very best and that in time, Wiley will be back touring and making music.



Artist: Raz SimoneTwitter, Facebook. Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube )

Been listening to this track for a couple of months now. Just a good ‘un.



Artist: Lil Yachty ( Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, InstagramYouTube )

I fucks with lil’ boat.

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