February 2017 Running Debrief

I ran 65.56 kilometres this February! This was my best month since July 2015 (in which I ran a total of 102.9 KM). That’s a difference of 19 months. That’s not too impressive, but nonetheless, it’s a start!

I’ve been steadily trying to focus on my fitness because when I begin to see the results in my physique, it translates to my confidence. And I desperately need some confidence these days! Slowly but surely, I will get to summer in better shape than I left it.

Training data for Feb. 2017

This isn’t about being better than someone else. Or making others feel insecure (lord knows I constantly feel it when I’m around those who I perceive as being in better shape than I am). It makes me beat myself up because I see that (at least on the periphery) these people are no more capable than I am.

There is so many things on my mind that I’ve been having difficulty organizing my thoughts out on paper. Every time I sit down to write, it feels as if I am leaping from idea to idea without any logical connections in place. It doesn’t make for very interesting writing. It also puts me in a frustrated mood because I feel as if I should be better when forming my thoughts down in word.

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