New Music: 6LACK – Luving U

Spotify has been a revolution for me in terms of finding new music. I used to spend so many hours collecting files that currently just sit on unused drives. The service has let me discover music with much less effort.

Surprisingly, it lead me to believe that the service would only rely on established artists. I was wrong about that. I’ve discovered many tracks that have gone on to slowly bubble up to becoming full fledged hits on the radio months before anybody had even thought of requesting them. Perhaps this is a carefully cultivated illusion on Spotify. Perhaps the algorithms suggesting the tracks I am finding are so obviously earworms that they are just destined to reach the top of the radio charts. But it makes me feel as if I’m discovering artists that I, at least in my social circle, have never heard of. So, I always have this random thought in the back of my mind: I should to start like a weekly or monthly track drop.

I love hip-hop, R&B and great production. I want those kinds of tracks to be reflected in this project idea.

Don’t know who this 6LACK is, but I’ve been feeling his tracks. Here’s the social media feeds:

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